5 of the Top Lookouts in Wollongong

Thanks to its location at the bottom of an escarpment, there’s plenty of lookouts that you can visit, offering up beautiful views across the whole of Wollongong. When visiting lookout, considering one of these top lookouts in Wollongong.

Top Lookouts in Wollongong

#1 Mt Keira Lookout

One of the best Wollongong lookouts, not far from the city centre, is Mt Keira Lookout. Situated at the top of the flat topped Mt Keira that overlooks the city, the lookout provides a stunning panorama of the centre of Wollongong, the suburbs to the north, and the industrial area and Lake Illawarra to the south.

Mt Keira Lookout View
The view over Wollongong from Mt Keira Lookout

To get to Mt Keira Lookout, you can take the turn-off from the Princess Motorway just before descending Mt Ousley into the city. Alternatively, drive up Mt Keira Road, which turns off the Princes Highway near the hospital.

The Mt Keira Lookout is situated in the Mount Keira Summit Park. In addition to the main Victoria Lookout next to the carpark and kiosk, there is also a second main lookout, the Five Islands Lookout, and a few more minor lookouts which provides better views looking south. Follow the 400m long Summit Track to the Five Islands Lookout.

Mt Keira Southfacing Lookout
One of the lookouts at Mt Keira looking south
Mt Keira Summit Track
The Summit Track is an easy bushwalk

A kiosk is open on selected days at the Summit Park, although it was closed on the day we recently visited, despite advertised as being open. The park also contains picnic facilities, including BBQs and picnic tables, plus toilets. Note that the gate closes overnight.

Mt Keira Summit Park BBQs
Picnic facilities at Mt Keira lookout

#2 Bald Hill Lookout

One of the most popular lookouts in the Wollongong region is the Bald Hill Lookout. Located at Stanwell Tops in the far north of Wollongong, the lookout is best accessed when driving to Wollongong through the Royal National Park, or after taking the Helensburgh and Stanwell Park turn-off. Follow the Grand Pacific Drive signs.

Bald Hill Lookout
The Bald Hill Lookout

The view from Bald Hill Lookout is best on clear days. Looking south to the centre of Wollongong, you can take in the multiple headlands that fall down into the sea from the escarpment, plus the renown Sea Cliff Bridge, curving out above the sea from the cliffs.

Underneath the observation deck is the Flying High Cafe, which serves up a variety of drinks and meals. The lookout is home to a memorial to Lawrence Hargrave, who pioneered early flights with box kites at the spot in the 1890s. These days its a popular hang-gliding spot. Make a booking to try a tandem hang glide, or just watch them gliding in the breeze above you.

Hang glider Stanwell Park
A hang glider aloft at Bald Hill

#3 Sublime Point Lookout

Heading further south from Stanwell Park, the next lookout accessible by road on the top of the escarpment is Sublime Point Lookout. To access this lookout, continue on the Princes Motorway until just before Bulli Tops, then follow the signs for Sublime Point, which is just off the Old Princes Highway.

Sublime Point Lookout with Wattle
Looking south from Sublime Point Lookout during Spring days

The lookout is perched up on the escarpment behind Austinmer at an elevation of 415m, providing impressive views of the string of beautiful beaches along the Northern Suburbs of Wollongong, plus vistas of the city and Port Kembla on fine days. During the yearly Sydney to Hobart yacht race it’s possible to spot yachts sailing down the coast from the lookout.

Sublime Point Lookout Sign
The lookout is at an elevation of 415m above sea level

If you’d prefer to visit the lookout by a more adventurous route, the lookout is the end point of the popular Sublime Point Track. One of the best short hikes in Wollongong, while only 700m in each direction, it’s a tough climb up to the lookout, including some ladders. Allow at least 30 minutes to hike in each direction. It’s best to check the track is open, as it is sometimes damaged by wet weather.

Until recently, a cafe operated at Sublime Point, the perfect spot to enjoy lunch or just a coffee while you rest your legs. Unfortunately, it’s currently closed, but will hopefully reopen. Alternatively, there are picnic facilities at the lookout, as well as toilets.

#4 Southern Gateway Centre Lookout

Heading further south, just before the Bulli Pass turnoff from the Princes Motorway is the Southern Gateway Centre. This information centre and cafe complex is a convenient place to stop on the drive south to Wollongong, whether to grab a bit to eat, find out more about the region or take in the views from the lookout.

Southern Gateway Centre Lookout
The Southern Gateway Centre lookout

Walk through the centre (or around the southern side when the centre is closed) to access the lookout hanging out over the side of the escarpment. While the view is slightly impeded by trees, it’s still an impressive vista. At the lookout are interpretative signs that show the main points of interest along the coast, including place names in the local Aboriginal language.

Southern Gateway Centre Looking North
The lookout has interpretative signs including local Aboriginal place names

As well as the Wollongong Visitor Information Centre and toilets, the centre is also home to two cafes. Altitude 1148 Dining serves up a variety of meals during the day, including a range of Indian curries, plus take-away coffees. Perhaps take an outside seat next to the lookout. Alternatively, Gelato Emporium has an impressive range of gelato flavours, plus coffee and cakes.

South Gateway Centre Gelato
The Gelato Emporium at the Southern Gateway Centre

#5 Bulli Lookout

Just near the Southern Gateway Centre is the older Bulli Lookout. The turnoff for this lookout is at Panorama House, then follow the signs a short distance south to the Bulli Lookout. The views are similar to those from the Southern Gateway Centre, but without any trees.

Bulli Lookout
The older Bulli Lookout

In former years, a cafe operated at Bulli Lookout, but it has now been closed for many years. It’s instead possible to enjoy a picnic in the picnic facilities in the quiet surrounds. Toilets are also available at the lookout.