Visiting the Mt Keira Lookout in Wollongong

One of the best lookouts around Wollongong is the Mt Keira Lookout. Close to the city centre, this lookout offers stunning views of the city, plus to the north and south in the Illawarra. Find out more about what’s on offer when you visit Mount Keira Lookout.

Mt Keira Lookout View

Where is Mount Keira Lookout?

Mt Keira Lookout is located at the top of the flat topped Mt Keira that overlooks the city of Wollongong. You can access the lookout from both Wollongong and from the Princes Motorway, the main highway connecting Sydney to Wollongong.

Driving to Mt Keira Lookout from Wollongong

From the centre of Wollongong, drive up Mt Keira Road, which starts from the Princes Highway just west of the hospital.

This narrow, windy road then ascends the mountain. At the top, turn off onto Queen Elizabeth Drive. It’s about a 15 minute drive from the city centre.

Driving to Mt Keira Lookout from Princess Motorway

Alternatively, it’s easy to visit Mt Keira Lookout when you are driving along the Princess Motorway to Wollongong, just before you descend down Mt Ousley into the city.

Take the Picton Road turn-off, then turn left onto Mt Keira Road after about 3.5km. Turn off onto Queen Elizabeth Drive for the final kilometre of the drive. It takes under 10 minutes from leaving the motorway.

Is the Lookout Accessible by Public Transport?

Unfortunately, there is no public transport access to Mt Keira Lookout. It’s an 8km walk from the closest train station, Wollongong Train Station.

You can take a bus part of the way, either up Mt Keira or Mt Ousley, but it’s still a long walk without a proper footpath most of the way.

What Can You See from Mt Keira Lookout?

Mt Keira Lookout provides great vistas of the city of Wollongong, including its northern suburbs, plus the industrial area and Lake Illawarra to the south. This is partially because there is not just one lookout.

Victoria Lookout

The main lookout is the Victoria Lookout, also known as the Queen Victoria Lookout, located next to the carpark and kiosk.

This lookout is positioned facing northeast. This lookout offers stunning panoramas of Wollongong and the coastline and beachside suburbs to the north.

Top Lookouts in Wollongong
The view from the Victoria Lookout

This lookout is easily accessible along a sealed path, with plenty of seats. Note however that the lower platforms are accessed by steps.

Queen Victoria Lookout
The Victoria Lookout at Mt Keira

Five Islands Lookout

The second main lookout is the Five Islands Lookout, which provides better views to the south, although in recent years it has been mainly fenced off and there are danger signs warning of the risk of landslip in the area.

This lookout is accessed by following the 400m long Summit Track from the Victoria Lookout. Along the way there are a few more minor lookouts that also provide south looking views, if you’re short of time or are concerned by the danger signs.

Mt Keira Southfacing Lookout
One of the lookouts at Mt Keira looking south

The Summit Track at Mt Keira Lookout

The Summit Track is an easy bushwalk that you can complete at Mt Keira Lookout. The walk connects the main lookouts, the Victoria Lookout and Five Islands Lookout, plus passes by more minor lookouts.

Though it is not a sealed path, it is still an easy walk. Be aware there are some steps and rocks along the way, so ideally wear proper shoes. The walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or strollers.

The walk starts next to the Victoria Lookout – it’s the dirt track on the right. Once you reach the Five Islands Lookout, you can return the same way you came or return along another path to the carpark. Allow up to 30 minutes.

Mt Keira Summit Track
The Summit Track is an easy bushwalk

Don’t confuse the Summit Track with the far longer and more strenuous Mount Keira Ring Track, that starts back down the mountain at Byarong Park. The Ring Track connects to the summit along the Dave Walsh Track.

What Facilities Are Provided at Mt Keira Lookout?

The Mt Keira Lookout is situated in the Mount Keira Summit Park, which offers a range of facilities in addition to the lookouts and the Summit Walk.

The park contains picnic facilities, including free electric BBQs and picnic tables. There’s plenty of trees to provide shade even on summer days. There are also toilets, including accessible toilets.

Mt Keira Summit Park BBQs
Picnic facilities at Mt Keira lookout

A kiosk is open on selected days at the Summit Park, located in a converted shipping container but with sheltered picnic tables. Unfortunately though it was closed when I last visited, despite being advertised as being open on the day. Check the latest opening hours in advance and don’t count on it being open.

Mount Keira Lookout Kiosk
The Mount Keira Lookout Kiosk was unfortunately closed when I visited

Note that the gates to the Summit Park close overnight. During daylight savings time, approximately from October to early April, the park is open from 8am to 8pm. However, during the winter months it closes at 6pm. The park is also closed during dangerous weather.

Are Dogs Allowed at Mt Keira Lookout?

I was surprised to discover that dogs are allowed at the Mt Keira Lookout. After all, the lookout is surrounded by the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area, where dogs are not allowed.

There are no signs stating this at the lookout, although there is a conspicuous absence of signs stating no pets allowed. This is confirmed on the Wollongong Botanic Garden website, that looks after the Summit Park.

Note that you need to keep your dog leashed at all times. Plus don’t follow the Dave Walsh Track that leaves the Summit Park, entering the State Conservation Area.